The Eight Foundation is working in partnership with various organizations across the country to render services to survivors of sexual violence.

We seek to build partnerships that leverage on the combined skills, assets and resources of the public, private and non-profit sectors because we understand that no organization working alone can tackle the problem of sexual violence. Such partnerships enable us to achieve more working together than we ever could working alone.

We are interested in partnering with a variety of people including large multinational corporations, small companies and businesses, universities, NGOs, diaspora groups, government agencies and other donors who are as passionate about ending sexual violence and providing a safe haven for survivors as we are.

The foundation currently has a partnership with:

  • The Nigerian Bar Association
  • Easytaxi
  • The Legal Defence And Assistance Project
  • The office of the Public Defender
  • The Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team
  • Justice For All Initiative
  • Partnership For Justice
  • Project Alert
  • Stand to End Rape

Would you like to know more about partnership possibilities? Please contact us by sending a mail to